If you own a business, or are considering starting one, you need a plan. With that plan, though, comes questions–lots of them! When you’re feeling stuck, confused, or maybe just suffering from the “information overload” that goes along with being an entrepreneur, it can help to have a neutral, third party perspective. Bethany has years of experience lending an ear to entrepreneurs and business owners, and aims to help her clients break their needs down into bite-size, realistically attainable goals.

Bethany L. Zielinski | Owner, Operator

Bethany is a print and digital marketing specialist with more than 15 years of real-world industry experience guiding her clients through the branding and marketing process.

Like you, Bethany recognizes how daunting it can be to start and run a business, and that is why she has chosen to dedicate her time to helping companies of all sizes outline and achieve their goals. She spent 4 years as a manager at a market research and data sciences center which contributed to her insight into both customer service and the value of clear, proper and effective communication. Bethany launched Cinderhawk Creative in 2010, working with a number of local businesses and cultivating a special affinity for startups and small-town establishments.

Bethany operates within both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments, including startups and established companies alike. Her roles are comprised of anything from graphic and web design, social media management and content development, to coordinating company operations and actually partaking in production and installation. She holds degrees in Visual Communications Technology (A.A.S.) and Graphic Design Technology (B.S.)

Today, through Cinderhawk Creative, Bethany continues to offer her experience and expertise to companies big and small. When she is not working, she may be spotted with her camera on one of the various mountains of the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York, found scribbling in a notebook and outlining her latest novel, or simply appreciating time spent with her family, friends or pets.

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Let’s talk about it!

Consultations are currently available via voice, Whatsapp video chat, or Whatsapp live chat and are by appointment only. Instructions for preparing for your consult will be emailed to you following booking.

Design Consult

This consultation on touches on all aspects of your company’s graphic and web design questions. Whether you are a startup contemplating a branding setup, an existing company looking for feedback on your current brand standards, or a business considering a redesign, Bethany is more than happy to help you simplify your strategy and start building for success.

Startup Consult

Thinking about starting a company, but not sure where to begin? Coming from a family of small business owners, and being a small business owner herself, Bethany is familiar with much of the process involved in getting things up and running. The startup consult also includes a discussion about the best ways to get started marketing your new business, as well as how to develop a marketing plan.

Social Media & Online Presence Consult

Your company’s online presence and social media usage are highly important for promoting awareness and increasing sales. This consultation is best for businesses who might need help understanding how these tools can affect success, deciding which outlets make sense for your company, and how to effectively maintain and make use of them.

Communications Consult

This consult focuses on examining the ways in which your business communicates with employees and customers, points out strengths and weaknesses in those communication efforts, finds opportunities to correct any issues and suggests appropriate steps that can be taken to make those corrections.

Equine Business Consult

Specific to the equine industry, this consultation is great for individuals or companies involved in the horse world in any capacity. Bethany has spent a lifetime around horses and horse-related businesses, uniquely qualifying her to answer any questions you may have about starting, operating, or marketing your equine business venture. Includes an analysis of your current business status that helps you create or refocus your branding, outline your goals, and maintain effective communication with your rural clients.