Equine Photography

The equine industry is predominantly visual, making quality photography and design crucial to the success of a marketing effort. Potential customers are naturally attentive to the appearance of a farm or a horse–they want to see their prospective investments at their very best. Our professional photography will catch your customers’ eyes and immediately pique their interest. We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience, as well as our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we capture the photos your equine business needs.

Portrait Photography

Whether you are in need of a family photo with your kids and pets or a senior portrait photographer, Cinderhawk Creative is the right choice to ensure your important memories are captured professionally.

Landscape, Realty, & Automobile Photography

Whether you are a landscape designer building a portfolio, a real estate broker trying to market a property, or a home owner simply looking for a photo of your home, you can trust that our photographic expertise will get the job done.


Standard Bookings

$75 per hour of shooting, $15 per hour of post-processing, and $0.65 per mile travel fee.

Event Photography

Varies by location. Please contact us for more information.