As many of you know, CHC has undergone several changes to its layout and content in the past week.  Here is an outline of the updates, as well as what you can expect to see added in the coming days:

  • “Extras” tab added
    • Browse tutorials written and recorded by CHC staff for a variety of topics including Photoshop, social media guides, and photography tips
    • Stock images that can be purchased from CHC for personal or commercial use
    • Creative writing pieces currently in progress and ebook downloads
  • Contact CHC through our website directly, rather than having to use your own email client to do so
  • Social media content management services
    • Learn how CHC can enhance your business’ web presence and expand your network
  • Portfolio updates to reflect recent projects
  • “Giving Back” tab added
    • Find out how CHC is working to help local communities
  • “Testimonials” tab added

Please bear with us as we continue these updates.  As always, comments or suggestions for improvement are welcomed and appreciated!

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