Client testimonials are a powerful tool in obtaining additional projects.  I’ve often heard from individuals that are uncomfortable asking their customers for testimonials, and so, they tend to have more difficulty getting their business to grow.  I cannot stress enough how big of a loss it is for a business to lack visible client testimonials on their website or on any marketing materials.  In this post I will briefly cover some tips on how to not only gather endorsements, but how to maximize the benefits of having such testimonials displayed where potential customers can see them.

1.  Create a customer experience survey

If you are bothered by the prospect of asking a client to write a testimonial for your business, consider writing up a customer experience or customer satisfaction survey and emailing it to your client following the completion of a project.  Include a question that lets the customer choose whether or not their responses can be used as a testimonial for marketing purposes.  Try not to wait too long after a project to send the survey to them, as they may forget key details of their experience that might just mean the difference between a good testimonial a great one.

2.  Pay attention to their emails

If you have a really happy customer and they have told you so through email, make use of them!  Arrange the words into something from which your business can benefit if they are not already in such a form, and then send them to the client for proofing and permission before using them.

3.  Get their endorsement on camera

Video testimonials are a growing trend, and with good reason.  They are less likely to be perceived as something the business itself staged, and adding a face to any recommendation is beneficial.  Well-presented videos may also strike customers as more professional and give the impression that you are willing to spend the time necessary to achieve quality results.  Asking your client a few short questions (perhaps the same ones you used in your email survey) will help keep things on track–just make sure they are tying the question into their answer so your viewers understand what was being asked.

4.  Make sure they are visible

Video testimonial or written testimonial alike, neither will do your business any good if they cannot be easily seen!  Ensure you are placing them in strategic locations that are not too overwhelming for potential customers, but that they are able to easily see.  In short, websites that place a testimonial in 70pt font on their homepage may be seen as more annoying or desperate than the company that places their endorsement in the sidebar.

What sort of methods does your business utilize when trying to attract customers with testimonials?  Do you agree with or can you expand on the tips listed above?  Leave us a comment!

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