Wrapping your car can be a very cost-effective means of advertising for your business or product. Did you know that in any given year, your vehicle may be seen by up to 9 million people? Compared to newspapers, a car wrap has a very low cost-per-impression (some believe even as low as $0.04/impression!) That alone is a perfect argument for why a car wrap can really help turn your marketing campaign around! Before you go jumping into spending thousands on a full wrap, though, you should be able to answer these questions first:

Think about your goals for the car wrap

Are you more interested in:

  • Receiving more customer contacts from your car wrap? If this is the case, focus on readability and legibility.
  • Gaining more visibility? Focus on standing out and focus on the entire design of the wrap.
  • Identifying your vehicles for legal reasons or customer security? Simple spot graphics on doors or windows will suffice.

Think about where you drive, how much you drive, and where you drive

  • Are you in an area with lots of competition? Better focus on standing out!
  • Do you drive mostly highway or at high speeds over long distances? Magnets or small localized spot graphics may not hold up well.
  • Do you use the vehicle for personal use, or are you a less courteous driver? Easily removable magnets might be a good option here!

Think about your budget

  • Magnets, spot graphics, and window perfs are usually cheapest.
  • Partial wraps can range in price depending on how much of the vehicle is covered, material used, and if they incorporate window or spot graphics.
  • Full wraps are the most expensive but are best for long-term advertising and can also serve to protect vehicle paint and maintain resale value.

Here are some bonus tips for things to consider when lettering your car!

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