The What, When and Why of Digital Image Resolution

Whether you are a graphic designer, a small business owner, or even just a customer, you’ve likely heard terms such as “image resolution” and “DPI” when discussing logo concepts, ad development, or anything else related to graphic design. You know, or are told, that such terms are very important, but if you don’t understand what they mean or why they matter, it can hinder not only your ability to work with a client or a designer, but also the success of your ad campaign and other business goals. Continue reading “The What, When and Why of Digital Image Resolution”

5 Things to Think About When Lettering Your Car

1. Use only large, legible, and properly spaced text

Most cars average between 40-45 mph while they are being driven. Keep this in mind when you are working with your designer to letter your car. If you’re trying to attract customers, the wording on your vehicle must be large enough to Continue reading “5 Things to Think About When Lettering Your Car”

5 Methods to Speed Up Your Design Process

Every designer wants to be able to work faster, as time is valuable. Check out our 5 quick tips to help speed up your design process.

1. Save often-used graphics rather than recreating them

If you’re making a series of 12 Christmas cards, do you really Continue reading “5 Methods to Speed Up Your Design Process”

7 Common Mistakes New Graphic Designers Make

If you are a graphic designer in today’s market, you’ve made your fair share of mistakes. Our jobs are becoming more demanding every day, as we are regularly required to multitask and handle multiple projects with very tight deadlines. Hopefully, though, as you progress and grow Continue reading “7 Common Mistakes New Graphic Designers Make”

Perfecting the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop CC

Perfecting the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop CC

If you’re like most graphic designers, there comes a time when you will need to resort to cutting an image away from a background. While there several different tools you can use to do this within Photoshop, the magic wand tool is one of my favorites–and generally also one of the Continue reading “Perfecting the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop CC”